Sunday, September 1, 2013

Saturday, August 31st, Swinomish Casino, near Anacortes, Washington


This is one of the first times we really are depending on a casino parking lot for our nightly resting place.  The Swinomish Band of Washington Native Americans operate a huge casino just over the bridge between the mainland and Anacortes Island in northern Washington State.  Their restaurant serves excellent Crab Louie and Crab Cakes, and they have several Sonoma County wines on their list.  We've driven from Clearwater in British Columbia to here, and found that the worst time to try to find space in an RV park is the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  The parks are absolutely full, to overflowing, and we were happy to be able to pay the Swinomish $10 for a place in their parking lot.

Tomorrow, another southern bee-line to as far as we can toward home.  Maybe Ashland, but certainly Oregon.  At this point in our trip, we're trying not to miss opportunities to visit spots in the Northwest.  On the other hand, getting home a little early is not looking so bad.


To see the photos taken today (how many can you take when you're trying to go long distance?), click on Saturday, August 31st.  I like the one I took out the window of the train with the camera view reversed.

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