Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday, Sep 2nd, Kelso, Washington


Another two-night stand comes to an end, and we're going to drive eastward a bit to see if we can find some fossils and see some off-highway five sights.  Today, we drove another windy road out to the Oregon coast (see the only good photo we took above), and had lunch at the Pacific Beach Naval Station.  It's now being used as a kind of military-only vacation rental, and has rv sites right behind the dunes.  I very much appreciated California's access to the coast, and it's highway views, after taking this drive.  The base was the only place you could see the beach for 50 miles of driving along it.

At this point in most of our trips, we're anxious to get home, an this one is no exception.  But we're going to re-check our memories of the the Columbia River Gorge, head down the middle of Oregon, and end up in Bend.  We like that town, and will stay at least one night.  Redding will be our last stop, and then home probably earlier than expected.

Been a great trip, and the next few months will be an interesting period due to Pat's knee surgery.  I'm training to be more of a helper with things she'll be unable to do.

See everyone soon.


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