Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday, Sep 1st, Kelso, Washington


I'm starting off today's blog post with a photo from a drive we took after checking into our campsite this afternoon.  It's Point Deception, which is I think the most southwestern tip of Washington state.  The weather was great, not a whiff of wind, and we were so relieved to have found a place to park with full hookup.  Finally, a shower is in the plan.

This morning, it seemed like the chances of finding one were about like winning the lottery.  The day before a Labor Day Holiday, come on, get real.  These rv parks are filled to capacity this weekend.  And no one was answering their phones this morning.  They probably just told all of their staff to turn them all to the answering machines with the message "we're full".  Having to leave before they even opened the offices, we took our chances that we'd have a better outcome than last night, when we didn't find anywhere, and parked in the overflow lot of a casino.

Three hundred miles down the road, the only good thing we had experienced was an excellent BLT lunch at a Subway where we fund a cheap gas station.  Finally, in Kelso, we found a back-in with full service.  With the help of three onlooker guests, who just couldn't help but want to offer advice, Pat backed up and turned our Airstream into a small space within wifi range.  I was very proud of her patience and resolve, as I've only done it once this whole trip, and I had more space to work with.

To see the few more photos we took today, click on Sunday, Sep 1st.  Oh yea, and check out the historic covered bridge we came across.  And I have no idea what that beam of light from above is on the last shot at the coast.


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