Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, July 13th, Knsyna Hollow, South Cape, South Africa


Well, three days have past since the last post.  I could blame the night of vomiting, hiccuping, and sneezing that kept me out of several meals and much sleep.  Pat's been a real support through it all, and I'm okay now.

I could also blame really consistently lousy wifi, and there's been plenty of that too.  Slow, and confusing to enroll in, it really hasn't been the kind of environment in which to upload photos and create posts.

But what's inspired me to look forward through it all is the excellent experiences we've had.  More things to see, and great fun with our group.  I'm in the bar on Sunday evening, watching the end of the day's UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Austria on TV (go Santa Cruz).  Pat's relaxing in the room.  In an hour, we'll meet for dinner, and plan tomorrow's activities.  We're headed to Cape Town for our last two days together in this tour.  On Wednesday, Pat and I leave this tour and spend four days by ourselves in Capetown.  We'll join another tour afterwards, which heads north up the west coast of South Africa and then into Namibia and Botswana, and finally ends at Victoria Falls on August 9th.

To see the three days of photos, click on:
Friday, July 11th, Zuurberg Mountain Inn, East Cape, South Africa
Saturday, July 12th, Knsyna Hollow, South Cape, South Africa
Sunday, July 13th, Knsyna Hollow, South Cape, South Africa

And if you always wanted to see me jump off a bridge, click on Blaukrans Bridge Bungy Jump

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