Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday, July 16th, Kylemore B, Cape Town, South Africa


It's Ken's birthday!  Pat's brother and wife Dianne are staying at our house in Santa Rosa, and we sure hope they are celebrating his birthday in great style.  We toasted him at breakfast this morning from South Africa, and then moved out of the Breakwater, and traveled by tour bus about 300 hundred yards to the high rise apartments directly across the waterfront lagoon from the One and Only Hotel (which spent $26 million on its opening night gala).
We're delighted with the apartment, which is only a short walk from all of the restaurants and stores.  After getting a full tour of the apartment, and an orientation to the security and entertainment equipment, we unloaded our laundry and are doing a big wash.

We'll let you know what we're doing next when we figure it out.

To see the photos we took yesterday on our trip to the Cape of Good Hope, click on Tuesday, July 15th, Kylemore B, Cape Town, South Africa.  Or to see today's photos, click on: Wednesday, July 16th, Kylemore B, Cape Town, South Africa.

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