Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 1st, Hippo Hollow, South Africa

Pat’s already asleep and it’s only 9:30pm.  We’re both tired from an exciting day in Kruger National Park.  On the way to the park, we peered over the edge of the escarpment at the Blyde Canyon Forever Resort.  For over 100 years, the company of resorts which included Blyde Canyon was owned by the government of South Africa.  Known to be used as a getaway for government officials, it was sold in 2003 to an American chain of Arizona investors who operate marine and park-based resorts around Lake Mead.  Promoting itself now as dedicated to charities serving the young and those with HIV-AIDS, it seems appropriate for us to visit and take in the view.

A few hours later, we arrived at Kruger National Park, and started our search for Africa's famous wildlife.  Binoculars and cameras in hand, we spent the next several hours scouring every tree and bush from Kruger's extensive road system.
We'll be back tomorrow for another round of hunting (with eyes), and the illusive lions, leopards, and rhinos are high on my list of animals to find.
In the meantime, to see the photos we took today, click on Tuesday, July 1st, Hippo Hollow, South Africa.

And check out the Google Engine Map we made to show the route and itinerary for the rest of the tip.  Tomorrow's activities are found on the placemarks for July1-2 in Kruger National Park.

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