Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday, July 17th, California WorldFest Music Festival


Thank you, Buffy.  You made all the hard work and frustration of the past two days worth it.  You made the running around town on Wednesday afternoon when I should have been helping Pat clean out the Airstream worth it.  The running was to replace four wingnuts and two short cables in the battery system of the Airstream, and I had to go to an Auto supply store, Home Depot, Orchard Supply, and Harbor Freight store to complete the purchase.  I also had to retrace the entire route only to discover that the lost wallet I was searching for had slipped down between the seats in my car.

And Thursday's three hour wait on the I-80 Freeway between Vacaville and Dixon, while two separate emergency car repair calls try to rescue us from a flat tire on our rented tow vehicle pulling our Airstream.

So when your voice capped the Thursday evening lineup of great musicians at the 19th Annual California WorldFest at the Auburn Fairgrounds last night, I was reminded of how many years and songs you've dedicated to the cause of keeping our planet safe and secure.  And how clear and powerful have your words been when others tried to confuse us, and to persuade us that one more lunacy in search of peace was justified.

Thank you, Buffy Sainte Marie, for not wavering in your support of peacemakers.  And for making another old guy's troubles seem small and insignificant, and tolerable.

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