Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday, July 3rd, Montreal


We're back from a day's walking through the Old Town District of Montreal.   We used the Metro from the nearby University of Sherbrooke to wander around dowtown.  The highlight of the day was Point A Calliere. a terrific museum focused on the archaeology and history of Montreal.  The exhibits included an extensive collection of Aztec stone carvings, and the photographs, videos, and products contributed by residents when asked about their experiences with Canadian snow.  Afterward, we had dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant (linguini and ravioli, mixed and chef salads, and a pitcher of Sangria).

Tomorrow, we'll take the Metro to the Jardin Botanique and Insectarium, and the Biodome.  You'll notice that these last two days before we take the train south back into the U.S. have nothing to do with family history.  That's because we finished a blitz of very successful, and personally satisfying, visits to genealogy centers, old homes and properties, and lots of cemeteries.  I've decided not to share with all of you any more lengthy descriptions of the lives and exploits of heroic members of my family.  And also the many photos of gravestones and pages in old record books.

But wandering through the gravestones, and talking with the center researchers, and reading the volumes of records, I'm struck by how blended are the families who lived in this area.  It's clear that the building France's New World wasn't done by the Cloutiers or Gagnes alone.  Over the last four hundred years, the dozens of family names populated the cemeteries in every possible combination, confirming the community's extensive social connections. My journey provided me with all the details I wanted on my fifteen generations of my ancestors here.  And I discovered how much the families who inter-married into their circles shared their skills and resources to build the community. I appreciate those contributions, and it's added to the success of the adventure.

I do want to thank the staff at the Geneaology Center at Chateau Richer and Daniel Carrier, Director General of the Societe d'histoire de genealogie & centre d'archives regional at the Societe du Patrimoine des Beaucerons.

On Sunday, we'll drop off the car near the airport, and take the train to Albany.  Pat's cousin Jan Kuta will pick us up for a short visit.  After, we'll rent a car and continue on to hudson for a visit with my Aunt Kitty.   They are both very special family members, and we're looking forward to it.



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