Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday, July 20th, Festival Return


It's the people.  Tattoos, braids, tie dyes, hawaiian shirts, all things neon, hula hoops, wheel chairs, strollers, short lawn chairs, blankets, coolers, and lots of grey hair.

Dancers, wigglers, movers, jerkers, sitters.  And there was room for all, and courtesy abounding.

Four days and nights (with some sleep between 3am and 8am) of regional and international newbies, partly due to new local management (The Center for the Arts), and slow visa administration restricting many international regulars.  The crowd roared their approvals each day, as band after band thanked the new owners for the opportunity to appear.

Young and old, and lots of in-betweens, enjoyed the wide variety of music, food, crafts, information, and new relationships being circulated in the Sierra foothills.

To review the photos taken throughout the Festival, click on California WorldFest 2015.

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