Friday, May 9, 2008

Turkey Friday May 9


Today was a long drive (350km) through some of the heart of Mesopotamia. Passing military checkpoints looking for trucks importing oil from Iraq and Iran, we passed through some of the most conservative villages in Turkey.

Mostly, we spent the day wiping condensation off the inside of our bus windows, and sleeping through high mountain, narrow road switchbacks. When we did get to the towns, we marveled at the lack of women on the streets.

We visited a home built in 1200AD which was a school in the middle ages, and which now houses the local ministry of culture. In Diyarbayit, the women in the group donned head scarves, and we entered the Great Mosque to learn more about the religious lives and traditions of local Kurdish muslims.

To view the photographs for the day, click on: Turkey Friday May 9

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