Sunday, May 18, 2008

Turkey Sunday May 18


Having trouble maintaining connections to the internet, and uploading pictures, from the hotel in Antalya. I'll keep trying for another hour.

In the meantime, let me tell you about today's activities. As we have stayed in Antalya today for the second day, we drove to an amazing ruin just outside of town - Perge. The ancient city opens with an large gate, and reveals a city which functioned as the marketplace for hundreds of merchants, contained some of the most sophisticated and enormous roman baths ever found, and a waterfall and public pond that ran throughout the city.

After lunch, we stopped by an acqueduct which ran from the nearby mountains for twenty miles to the city near the sea. It was higher than any I have ever seen. The visit which followed to a local jewelery bazaar was the dud of the day. There were too many salespeople, and the presentation had none of the local flavor which the rug merchants had supplied earlier this week. No one bought anything, and the group agreed that they wished that they could have gone instead to the local archeology museum.

We took the time before dinner to make our way to the museum before it closed, and were not sorry we did. The materials from Perge were displayed there, and the sculptures and sarcophagus(i) were very impressive.

For a look at the day's photos, click on: Turkey Sunday May 18

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