Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Turkey Tuesday


Today was one of those days when everything went right. We solved the camera problem by finding a memory chip reader at a computer store in Erzurum while visiting the Yakutiye Medrasa and the Great Mosque. Both are featured in the first 18 photographs on today’s batch hosted on Picasa2.

The remaining 83 photographs were taken at Ani, one of the most impressive collections of ruins I have ever seen. On the border with Armenia, it was once the capital of the Armenian kingdom. The cathedral, mosque, and churches demonstrate Armenian architecture which impacted all of Europe and Central Asia for centuries.

It may not appear so, but the weather is getting miserable. It has been cold, windy, rainy, and snowy. Forecasts are for more of the same for the next week. Warm meal conversations and plenty of layered clothing have kept us all going. And then there’s the unrelenting Aussie spirit, which never seems to even pause, much less diminish.

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