Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turkey Wednesday May 14


This morning, before we left on the bus, we visited the Antioch Archeology Museum. It contains some a combination of some very good roman mosaics from homes which were discovered in an area which was flooded by a dam, and some excellent Hittite burial objects from local areas.

We were spoiled by the mosaics Akin showed us in Gaziantep yesterday, and thought that these were not as well-preserved and displayed.

I particularly liked the marble work on the sarcophagus and a small strange-looking lion.

For some reason, I started noticing the comical figure faces on some of the 3-4,000 year-old vases and stone carvings. I think the the one of the two-headed horse has become my favorite.

That's Steve showing some local students the photo he took of them. We were amazed at their multi-lingual capabilities.

We were invited to see a Greek Orthodox Church, and a Catholic Church. Both seemed so out of place amidst this culture, and yet speakers for both made sure we knew that they feel very welcomed in the town, and have integrated several of their services.

After lunch, we drove all afternoon to Adana to make sure that four members of the group could catch flights to Istanbul. We're sad that they are leaving us, but happy to have made such wonderful traveling friends. Shortly before we arrived at the airport, we visited St. Paul's well and his house in Taurus. I feel like I'm getting a primer in biblical research as we visit many of the key locations of the Apostles.

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