Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, Sequim


So you're probably wondering, what happened to Sunday? It was sort of a logistics day. Arranging which ferry to take on Monday from Victoria to Washington took a while. We drove over to the ferry on the waterfront in Victoria, and found out that the 3pm Monday ferry was right for us . And it took a lot longer than expected to locate somewhere on the Washington northern coast to park on Monday night. Neither of those is really ripe for photos, so the camera stayed in the car.

As it turned out, we failed at getting a place to stay. We boarded the ferry this afternoon with no idea where we'd be tonight, and were very lucky to find a spot before the sun went down. But the Rainbows End RV Park, in Sequim, had two spots left. Sequim is about 15 miles east of Port Angeles, Washington - About in the middle of the state's north coast.

And a few other things have gone wrong. We've blown something electrical in Matilda, and only one outlet works. Currently the computer and the television wires are stretched across the cabin to plug into it. And our sonicare dental device is waiting in line to recharge its batteries, with Pat's cell phone and my camera's battery charger right behind. We read the Airstream's manual, the section on electrics in and Airstream book we bought, and checked out all of the circuit breakers. Unfortunately, one of them has a little reset button on it that Pat pushed. Now, we can't get it to flip back into the on position. This next two weeks are going to be interesting.

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