Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 10, Lakeview, Oregon


I added "Oregon" to the title of this post because most of you have probably never heard of Lakeview, Oregon. It's what a lot of cities could have called themselves, most could find a lake within someone's view. I doubt anyone in Lakeview can see a lake from their house. It's flat, so it's hard to see anywhere. And the two biggest lakes in the area are dry and quite a ways away. Just north of here is a huge lake with the highest fault scarp in the U.S. next to it. They should call it Nearlake. Oh well.

What's a fault scarp, you ask? It's when an earthquake lifts a large block of the earth long ago (when it was just molten rock around here) 2500 feet upward and creates a really dramatic cliff made of lava (500 feet thick on the top). Just perfect for hang-gliding, or base-jumping, or any number of new flying sports where you need a high perch with a dry lake at the bottom.

Since it was only 129 miles to our next RV park, we decided to read and walk and look for birds around the parksite in the afternoon. Pat was happy to get a shot of an oriole, and not happy to miss a shot of a blue bird. I was happy she got a shot of a rough-legged hawk, and even one with me and him in the same shot. We also saw some old juniper trees with weathered and twisted trunks.

Tomorrow, we head southwest to Redding,and then Hwy 299 to the coast.

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Aug 11th

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