Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, August 9th, Pendleton


Today, we got up early and drove most of the day to Pendleton, Oregon. The cloudy weather of south central Washington gave way in the White Pass to the clear desert air of eastern Washington. We followed the Natches River. It heads east from Mt Olympus, then south, and back west along the Columbia River to the Pacific. It sure did feel strange to be watching it flow eastward for the first 100 miles. I don't know of many west of the Rockies which do that.

We decided that Pendleton was far enough, found an RV park off the freeway, and took a tour of the town. This is the home of Pendleton Wollen Mills, 100-year old maker of native american blankets and plaid shirts/skirts for young boomers and GEN-Xrs. We bought one (a blanket), and then drove to the local casino in search of a native arts museum being funded by it. Arriving just before closing time, we'll be back tomorrow morning for a tour.

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