Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1st, Tivoli

Today, after breakfast in Lucca, we drove back over to Abbadia San Salvatore. We had left Dianne’s favorite carryon bag (containing her new sandals) there, and went after it. We learned upon arrival that the stovetop marble had been damaged during our stay. We can’t figure out how it happened, as we just made morning coffee. We also paid her for using some wood in the fireplace, and gas to operate the stove. Our host’s daughter, Eleanor, spoke with us by phone from New York, and we arranged to have her seek out an estimate to fix the marble, and we would reimburse her. Expensive morning coffee.

The bag in hand, we drove from there to Tivoli, stopping along the way in Nuova San Lorenzo to have lunch in a small square on a marble bench. We shared a typical on-the-road lunch, with bread, cheese, pastrami, fruit, trail nuts, and panforte, before continuing on.

Checking into the Hotel Tivoli, we found our way to Villa d’Este. I have never seen so many small cars in my life in one place. Tivoli is swarming with them, as well as drivers who park at all angles in a space. We felt very out of place with our Ford Mondeo, and had to search hard for a parking space in which it fit. Actually, we got lost even with our Garmin, and were thankful for Pat’ s driving patience and abilities. More cars and pedestrians than could be reasonably explained drove through the city center all the while we were there. We located the Villa d’Este., and were dazzled by the many and complex, designed waterfalls and garden ponds. Constructed by Cardinal Ippolito d’Este of Ferrara in the mid-16th century, it is best known for the spectacular fountained gardens (designed by Pirro Ligorio). The soothing mist-filled environment was a huge relief from the dry and hectic nature of the city.

Tomorrow, we’ll travel on to Naples, where we plan to spend at least three nights. Oh, and the first photo above, and some of them in the day's collection, are of the concert last night. To see the latest set of photos, go to: Tuesday in Tivoli


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