Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 17, Bend, Oregon


We drove up to Crater Lake today, and then on to Bend, Oregon. The photos we took are of the Lake, and represent a combination of those taken on my and Pat's camera. Her's has a better telephoto, using a digital enhancement. Mine views better (SLR), but has more limited features.

When we got to Bend, we wanted to pick up some food we found missing. There's a Costco in town, so we headed there. Not finding it, we stopped at a Safeway, and then learned the Costco was in the same area. Shopping at both, we found the pesto, bread, lettuce, hamburger meat, bacon, and sausage. Pat was disappointed she left the pesto at home, so we're now ready to have it tomorrow night. Tonight, tacos will fill the bill.

On the way back to the RV camp, we beat the heat by parking downtown and walking along the riverfront. Bend has done an outstanding job of re-vitalizing the area along the Deschutes River, and blending in housing and upscale commercial development. Because it's Friday night, hundreds of residents were floating down the river on surfboards, rafts, inner tubes, and kayaks beside the restaurants and other businesses.

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