Monday, July 27, 2009

Mon, July 27, Vancouver Island


Matilda (our Airstream) was quite a hit in the line to board the 10:05am ferry out of Horseshoe Bay. From the guy determining what lane we used, to the guy who walked up from many cars behind to ask questions, to the comical teller in the booth, she once again proved the most popular RV around. The crossing was smooth,and we only saw one bald eagle on the ride to Nanaimo, and no orcas. We phoned ahead to Parry's RV in Parkfsville(small coastal town north of Nanaimo), and learned they had a pull-through with wi-fi, and two nights available.

We need a standard by which we can grade the power of the wifi signals in RV parks. This one would get a "D' grade, very close to failing. During an afternoon in which we checked our mail when we got in, uncoupled the Toureg, went for a ride to check out the area, and returned to prepare dinner - we had to walk over to the Park office twice to alert them that the wifi signal had gone down. It's currently so weak that my laptop is taking about 10 times as long to retreivee websites from the internet. That's important when you're posting photos to Picasa, writing a blog on Google's blog site, and checking mail.

As I write this on the kitchen table, Pat is cooking potato slices she cut in oil on the stove. They're to go with the sausages she'll cook next from the Superstore we found yesterday. A few minutes ago, we carefully lowered the front end of the trailer a few inches so the oil in the cooking pan oil would be even. She's now asking how much time I'll need to finish this post so she can have dinner ready at the right time. I am one of the luckiest guys in the world!!


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