Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tues, July 28th, Neck Point & Petroglyph Parks


We're coming up on a holiday weekend in Canada, and every RV park is booked solid. We thought we might be able to find a spot to park Matilda out on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Tofino, but that isn't going to happen. Instead, we'll stay here on the eastern coast, and make day trips to some of the interesting places we know about. We visited three of those today.

We decided that we had to go have breakfast at Tim Horton's. It's an unusually popular donut, coffee, and sandwich chain affiliated with the Wendy's franchise. It was very near the WalMart up here, a potential source for a short water hose and lightbulb we need. Got the hose, not the bulb, and enjoyed the donuts and coffee/chocolate.

Neck Point and Petroglyph Provincial Parks near Nanaimo made a hot summer day very bearable. The first is a beach park with beautiful hiking trails. The second is a collection of fascinating rock art only a couple hundred yards (meters, we're in Canada) off the main highway.

We took a familiar walk on the promenade along the harbour in Nanaimo, and stopped on the way home at an auto parts store to get a replacement lightbulb for our porch light.

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