Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wed, July 29, Gabriola Island


After moving Matilda two rows over in the RV park in order to extend our stay there by three days, we drove south to the ferry to Gabriola Island. We found several small parks which provided access to beaches, and grand sea vistas. We liked one place in particular near the south end of the island (Malaspina Galaries) where the wind and sea have carved out strange shapes into the sandstone cliffs.

Having problems with the wifi, so stay tuned. Maybe we'll be able to complete a blog post tomorrow.

(Thursday) Once again, I had to go up to the Park office and tell them their wifi was out. They call over and have it rebooted, and I go back to the Airstream and try to get onto their wifi and into the Internet. You would think that after four days of my having to ask them to fix their system, they would get that the system they are using might have some problems holding its connection. I don't think anyone should be advertizing they have internet availability if they can't provide it consistently. I found myself not taking as many photos today because I was unsure if I could upload them, or even display them on the blog.

Oh well, here's the link to Wednesday's photos: July 29th


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