Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tues, July 21, Granville Island


Spending a beautiful day walking around Granville Island has to be among the most enjoyable experiences. An early experiment in the re-use of historic buildings in an urban setting, it continues to nurture public spirit in spaces which probably would have been destroyed in previous urban development. People-watchers at heart, we were entertained by all we saw, and dazzeled by the environment.

By the way, take direction cities contemplating creating water parks for kids. Vancouver has hit it exactly right by designing fountains which feature available hoses for kids to squirt other kids. That's kid-friendly.

Later in the day, we drove over to Diego's house, met Peter there, and then went to a nearby park for an Argentinian barbecue he had planned with his family. His wife, Victoria, and daughter, Olivia, walked from Olivia's day care to join us. I was having so much fun that I failed to remember to bring my camera out. Trust me, a more darling family would be hard to find. Our friendship with Diego and Peter will no long and deep for many years to come, and we hope to share more adventures together.

Diego is attempting to organize his next year of adventure guiding, and will keep us current on how it turns out over the next few months. The upcoming Canadian Olympics may offer some possibilities to stay in the area, and Adventures Abroad is eager to again utilize his wonderful talents in Argentina and Chile.

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