Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday, August 17th, Keswick


Finishing my work on the Lary side of the family for now, we drove north to our new home base (for four days) in Keswick, Lake District.  Along the way, we stopped by Penrith.  It's the last known address for my great aunt Edith Fearon Williamson, who lived at 35 Wetheriggs Rise, Penrith.

No one was home, but I took a photo of the house.

I wasn't expecting her to be there, as she'd have to be 106.  But I would like to figure out a way to locate any children.

We drove on to Keswick, and located the Lairbeck Hotel.  It's a classic old country hotel, with a Michelin Star restaurant, and the tallest redwood in the District.  This afternoon, we walked down Vicarage Hill to the town to have lunch and buy tickets to the local Theater on the Lake.   The lunch was at the Peddler Bike Store, a veggie/Vegan/organic cafe where mountain bikers stop on their way through the valley's spectacular trails.  Sunday night, we'll take in a play entitled "Roma and the Flannelettes: A Love Like Yours".

Roma is a woman with a dark past and a troubled present. The Flannelettes, led by the women’s refuge manager Brenda, are a group of enthusiastic singers formed to perform a turn at the karaoke for the Miners’ Welfare in a Yorkshire town. When events conspire to throw Roma in the way of the women’s refuge, she gets to know Brenda’s niece Delie, a lovely lass in her twenties but with a mental age of ten. When Roma learns that Delie has a secret love, everyone is reminded that violence is always around the corner… This is a tough, contemporary story told with warmth, compassion and Tamla Motown music.

Here's a review:  Roma

Now, wouldn't you come 6,000 miles to see that?

On the way back up the hill, we shopped at a local Whole Foods clone and bought some wine, cheese, and dried fruit and nuts (and chocolate) for tomorrow's ambling around the area's small towns and cemeteries.  I'm bound a determined to find some dead Fearons.

Here is a link to the very few photos taken today: Friday, August 17th, Keswick


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