Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday, August 9th, Bath


It's 7pm on Thursday, and we're resting in a beautiful suite in the Cranleigh Bed & Breakfast on Newbridge Hill in Bath.  We both just got about an hour's nap, after using our Garmin to navigate our way from London to Avebury, where we had lunch.  Avebury is the site of the largest stone circle in the world.  And entire village sits inside it.  An important ceremonial center, its barrows, burial chambers, earthen mounds, and processional avenues are a wonder to see.  Dating from 2500 to 2200 BC (during the first and second stages of Stonehenge), the site contains multiple concentric circles, a central one containing 98 stones (some weighing 20 tons).  

We plan to stay here in Bath for a few days for some day trips to the area, and then head north along the western coast of England.  Tonight, we'll mix dinner, internet catchup, and sleep to get back into a daily routine.

Here's a link to the photos taken today: Wednesday and Thursday, August8-9th, England


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