Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27th, York, England


York has been Tribal, Roman, Saxon, Viking, and Norman.  William the Conqueror was the last to invade, unless you count the tourists.  But it's a peace-loving city, and just keeps building on top of the previous owners.  So tribal wooden houses become roman precise stone walls and cobblestones which become Saxon irregular rock walls and pebblestones which the Vikings leave alone until Normans arrive and quarry limestone to build churches and houses from the stones in the walls.  

The Lady Anne Middleton is located only a few blocks from town, so we walked through only slight drizzle to take a walking tour this morning, visit a couple of castle and period-display museums, and end the day with a evening choir and service at one of the largest churches in Europe.  The stained glass windows in it rival any we've ever seen, and one that being repaired (taking off all that lead which was used to repair cracks in the glass) has been replaced with a digital copy the same size (two tennis courts sideways).

Tomorrow, we drive to the hotel we'll stay in for the next week in London.  After dropping off the bags, we'll drive to Heathrow to drop off the rental car and then take the bus to London.  If we're early, we'll find something to do before dinner.  In our remaining days in England, we'll spend plenty of time in the British Museum, and the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew Park.  We might take the bus out to Cambridge, or wherever else we can get to for day-tripping.

Here is a link to the photos taken today:  Monday, August 27th, York.

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