Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday, August 21st, Oban, Scotland


The weather reports, and the signs along the highway into Scotland, said to expect lots of rain.  The windshield wipers have not been above one click, the level where they wipe when the windshield detects some rain on it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine.  Not like the lady on our Oban Distillery whiskey tour who said she didn’t like California because it had too much sun.  But I’m prepared for stormy weather, and I’ve been practicing my ability to drive between a row of parked cars and a big truck coming at me without seeing anything ahead of me.  Bring on the serious rain, for just a little bit.

We just finished a great seafood dinner, complete with mussels from this area, at a restaurant above a marina looking out across some stunning boats and islands.  This afternoon, we toured a single malt whiskey distillery (Oban) that's been around since 1794.  

Tomorrow, we head to Inverness on the top of Scotland.  It's another day of driving, but the countryside is so beautiful it's well worth it.  And maybe it'll bring us so stormy Scottish rain.

Today was mostly a driving day, so here is a link to the very few photos we took in the town before the tour: Tuesday, August 21st, Odan, Scotland.


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