Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 22nd, Inverness, Scotland


The Glencove Valley, Culloden Battlefield, and Claver Cairns were our destinations today, after a long and beautiful drive along the northern coast of Scotland from Oban. The massacre in Glencove in 1692, and the defeat of Bonny Prince Charles at Cullodon in 1745,  were not among the finest hours for the British government.  And both have been portrayed in excellent techno/on-the-ground interpretive museums.   I was particularly impressed by the Culloden Battlefield use of GPS devices to present audio, photos, diagrams, and maps.  They need to better calibrate their devices, however, as they put Pat and I at two different places on the battlefield at one point.   Their auditorium 360 degree presentation reminded me of the one at Normandy depicting the Invasion on D-Day.

I learned something new about Stone Circles, and their use and placement of stones at Claver Cairns.  Did you know that the kind of stone used varied within the circles by design?  That the content of the stone materials mattered in their placement positions?  That the size of the stone mattered directionally?
I don't recall that being brought up at other stone circles, but it's now worth checking into to see if it was implemented widely in particular patterns beyond geometric and solar/lunar alignment designs.

Here is a link to the photos we took today: Wednesday, August 22nd, Inverness

Tomorrow, we head to Edinburgh by way of St. Andrews Golf Museum (I couldn't come all this way and not stop by at least).

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