Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday, March 9th, Antigua


I'm disappointed that my use of the IPad has resulted in some pretty poor posts over the last few days.  It's my fault, of course, for not anticipating what differences are presented between the two computers when using Blogger.  The ease of MacPro in typing text, loading photos from cameras, moving them to Picasa or Google Photo, copying and pasting into the post, moving them around in the post, and placing text next to photos - is what I took for granted.

When I get home, I'll re-write these posts, and get them right.  I'll also get my MacPro fixed, or get a new one.  In the meantime, my MacAir will have to fill in.  I'm going to learn more about the IPad, but it will wait for a few weeks, until I get things straightened out.

Today, we took a walking tour of Antigua.  A Canadian we met during some free time in the afternoon put it clearly.  It's not a town with anything specific which you have to see.  It's just a beautiful place, with many nice churches, small museums, a great plaza, and lately -lots of restaurants.

We particularly liked the textile museum, and followed it up with a visit to the artisan cooperative.  We had been there when we came to Antigua twelve years ago.  I bought another shirt, made in the intricate Ikot method.  In the morning, we stopped by the Jade museum, where we had to buy some additions to our collection.

Tomorrow, our flight home leaves at 7am, through Houston, and to SF in the late afternoon.  The Airporter will get us home by about 7pm, and we'll be happy to be in our own bed again.

On Sunday, I hope to share some more photos, though I have to admit my enthusiasm for taking them has wained due to my frustration with not being able to produce good posts.

But it's been a great trip.  Traveling with Adventures Abroad, and their Canadian travelers, is always high quality, and this is no exception.  We've learned much, about both these countries, and about future possibilities.  Our friends who travel with us are a wealth of information, and we will be asking their advice for years to come.

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