Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunday, March 1st, Copan


 I can't recall being in three countries in one day.  

We left the Hilton Princess this morning, and drove north to the El Salvador Mayan ruins at San Andres.
 This site is estimated to have been occupied for over a thousand years beginning in 900 BC.  The early establishment was vacated in 250 AD by the eruption of the caldera of Lago llopango.  Three centuries later, after the ash had settled into a fertile plain, it was again occupied for another thousand years, until the Playon volcano covered it up for yet another three hundred years.

A political-ceremonial center, one of a few in close contact with major Mayan sites in the Mayan highlands in Guatemala and Mexico, its transformation at the end of the 9th century AD to residential use was completed after the Spanish conquest when it became an important indigo plantation and cattle farm.

After lunch at a Kentucky Fried Chicken meets Burger King, we crossed into Guatemala,   An hour later, we crossed into Honduras.

A mile from the city of Copan, we transferred our luggage into a truck, and ourselves into Tuk-Tuks, and made our way up to our hillside village hotel.

To see all of the photos taken today, click on: Sunday, March 1st, Copan.

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