Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wednesday, March 5th, Panajachel, Guatemala


How strange this IPad.  Features like copy and paste, and opening up additional windows, they just take learning and getting used to. 

We're on Lake Atitlan, in the town of Panajachel, in Guatemala.  Yesterday was consumed with getting here from Honduras.  Today, we boated (at 30 knots) across Lake Atitlan, to the village of Santiago.  We climbed up the steep streets, filled with merchants and shops, and saw the church where Father Stanley "Francisco" Rother was murdered by Guatemalan death squads for defending his parishioners protests in 1981.

While in the church, it began to rain hard.  Making our way back down the town's main street from shop to shop to avoid soaking our summer clothes, we boarded our boat and zipped back across the Lake to our hotel.  From our balcony, I took these two shots.  They were the only photos I took all day.  I still haven't gotten the MacPro to boot up, and can't figure how to transfer any photos in my Nikon camera to the IPad.  These two photos were taken on my IPod touch, and I sent them by email to myself, and then retrieved them on the IPad.

Tomorrow, we head back to Antigua.  Our itinerary takes us to Chimichanga, famous for great clothing and great. I plan on buying another shirt similar to the gorgeous one still hanging in my closet after 12 years.

On Saturday, we fly home.

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