Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tuesday, March 4th, Antigua


My MacPro computer seems to have lost its memory.  Until I get home, I'll be using Pat's IPad to write the blog, and my IPod touch to take photos and upload them.  We'll see if it's as easy as that sounds.

We're back in Guatemala, in the city of Antigua. We were here in 2002, and Pat remembers an amazing amount of detail.  There is a volcano eruption going on, which started last weekend.  It's not near us, so don't get worried.  We sail across the lake toward it tomorrow, though.  Hope it will provide some good photos.

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D MacPhail said...

Despite the equipment failure, this exposition is really interesting. Easy looking and reading with the pix and text together. Seems you are getting a real education. Love all the history. Always amazes me that these civilizations actually existed on this continent!