Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday, March 9th, Santa Rosa


Yesterday's flights went smoothly.  Our Antigua hotel prepared box breakfasts to make our 4:15am shuttle to Guatemala City comfortable.  Ham and cheese sandwiches, and apple, muffin, and juice helped us avoid the cost and quality of United's food.   After a two and half hour flight to Houston, we retrieved our baggage and were amazed at how easily the immigration process has been made there.  Electronic passport check-ins and stamping carried us to a 30-second baggage check-in to our next leg of the trip.  The only disappointing feature of the airport is the requirement for payment to get more than 45 minutes of wifi.  Come on, Houston.  For a three-hour layover, you really need my $8.95?

The flight home was highlighted by a charming seatmate conversation with a woman from Texas who was traveling to Maui to meet up with a friend.  Describing the life of the only Obama supporter in her neighborhood, and a writer, she and Pat shared their list of favorite authors.

Getting in to SF earlier than expected, we caught and early bus ride home.  Two fascinating women sat in front of us, who were on their way to an agricultural conference in Rohnert Park.  Due to a Golden Gate Bridge jumper, our route went east to the Bay bridge and back across the San Rafael bridge.   Pat and I played tour guides to the Bay Area newcomers, and it turned out we also had traveled to similar towns in Peru and Ecuador.

This morning, I finally got to upload the photos I took on Wednesday and Friday of this week in Guatemala.  It also reminded me that I have to get my camera cleaned before we leave for Africa.  I didn't get time to photoshop that pesky squiggle in the center of the shots out of these two albums before uploading them.  It's annoying, and it is time for an overhaul.

To see the two albums, click on:

Wednesday, March 5th, Lake Atitlan
Friday, March 7th, Antigua


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