Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday, Sep 25th, Murray Bridge


Starting into our fifth week, we've got the next three weeks sorta planned out.  This next week, we'll be doing some flowers, beaches, mountains, and historic towns - Wait, isn't that what we've been doing?

Yes, but Australia has some spectacular examples of each in every part of the country.  On October 4th, we fly to Tasmania, pick up a rental car and explore the island for a week.  Then, Melbourne for a week, driving up to Sydney over two weeks, and a final week there.

But just so you don't think we've lost our interest in community, Australian politics are undergoing a deja vu moment.  The newest Prime Minister yesterday took the occasion of his first policy announcement to create a $100 million fund to address domestic violence prevention and response.  After raising the number of cabinet ministers from two to five, he framed the major initiative by saying he wanted to make it "Un-Australian" not to respect women.  The media is surprised by the move, and are asking the leaders of local domestic violence programs all the right questions.  And their responses seem to be arguing for most of the program and client service innovations that Pat and Donna and the DV movement brought about here in California.  Except for distributing new free cell phones to victims to avoid being cyber-stalked. That caught me by surprise.  It is refreshing, however, to listen to leaders address issues clearly and directly.  I hope it catches on back home.

The next few days will be shorter drives, more walks, and more photographs.

Here is a link to the few photographs taken today:
Friday, September 25th, Murray Bridge

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