Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday, September 26th, Robe


We have the best luck exploring the coast. Taking a scenic route which was mentioned in a guidebook, only found through Pat's great reading and insistence that we could find it, we stumbled upon a Pelican Breeding Lookout Blind.  Of course, we had to brave a half-kilometer of attacking flies, which found every open eyelid, nostril, ear, and mouth-slit until we got to the structure.  A  network of spider webs covered the windows and doors, displaying victims of past attempts to follow those who entered.  

Across the lagoon was an island, and on top of the island sat pelicans nurturing the young.  Every once in a while the parents would leave the colony and fly back across the lagoon right over our heads in search of food.

We ran over our first animal today.  I thought it would be a kangaroo, and I thought I'd be the one hitting it.  At dusk, they cross the road in great numbers, and tourists are cautioned not to drive at night. Each morning, their bodies are scattered all over.   But it was a snake, which we saw only at the last minute, and Pat had very little time to react.  We felt bad, as some of the snakes are actually endangered.    But I'm sort of glad the first one happened.  We're better prepared for the kangaroo.

The second semi-final of the Australian Rules Football League are being played right now, and it sure is exciting.  It's fast and complex and the whole country seems hooked on it.  We had dinner tonight during the first half in a local bar, and had as much fun people-watching as watching the game.  A group of guys had come from a party where they all dressed up as tennis players or golfers.  What a hoot seeing how they dressed.  They would have fit in very nicely in the 1950's.  I asked the bartender if he thought any of them had ever played either, and he thought not.

Here is a link to some photos we took today.
Saturday, September 26th, Robe

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