Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday, Sep 12th, Albany, Southern Australia


1.3 billion years ago, when the earth was still trying to create oceans, ten huge super-hot chunks of molten earth (called Cratons) were moving around the space between Earth's core and its mantle.  They would ultimately be responsible for the movement of continents, three times forming super-continents and breaking them apart.  But in the beginning, they just bumped into each other, creating super-heated rock which cooled slowly.  

The Antarctica and the Australian Crators collided about 1.2 billion years ago, and the resulting granite forms an arc of surface boulders 200 miles wide along the coast we've been driving.

Albany is an old port city, founded when a brig “Amity” sailed into the Princess Royal Harbor with a captain and crew and 54 convicts.  We boarded a replica of the ship, displayed in front of the Western Australia Museum, and thoroughly enjoyed three hours of well-designed historical and cultural exhibits.  I have seldom seen more great content in so little space.  

The highlight of the inside exhibits is one titled “Remember Me – the Lost Diggers of Vignacourt”.  In WWI, Australia sent thousands of soldiers to fight in Europe and the Middle East.  A husband and wife in a small French town, skilled in photography, set up a makeshift studio in their barn, and captured the images of over a thousand of those soldiers.  They created postcards of the images to send back to Australia.  The war ended, and the plates were stored in an old wooden case in their barn.

Recently, they were found when the barn was being sold.  Thanks mainly to the Chairman of one of Australia's largest television networks, whose great grandfather was one of those photographed, the entire collection has been restored.  The exhibit which opened in Albany today is an amazing example of multi-media talent, from the brilliance of its creators to the dazzling technology being used now to tell the story.

We've made flight reservations for September 20th from Perth to Adelaide, and will pick up a rental car once we land and head for a hotel we've booked.  We'll turn it in on October 4th in Melbourne, before flying to Tasmania.

Here are the photos we took today.
Saturday, September 12th, Albany 

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