Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, Adelaide


Adelaide is a great city.  It feels a little like San Francisco, mingling new transient workers and businesses serving mostly tourists in a beautiful bay environment, surrounded by hills and valleys containing upscale homes and long-time residents.  The guidebooks make a point to say the city was not built on convict labor (like Western Australia).

Well, whoever built all these parks and is paying for free buses circulating downtown among free museums has my thanks.

The Botanical Garden, Central Market, Aboriginal Culture Institute, and the Southern Australia Museum were great stops since we arrived.  Our hotel is centrally-located, and we've showered and eaten and slept well.  

We're taking a detour north to the Flinders Mountain Range on the recommendation of two friends who we were linked up with by a couple we know back home.  They invited us to dinner last night in their home in the hills, and were delightful.  We share almost every interest, and can't wait to have them stay with us when they come to California next year.

There probably won't be much wifi for the next few days, so don't look back until about Saturday. Here are the photos for the last two days.

Monday, Sep 21st, Adelaide
Tuesday, Sep 22nd, Adelaide

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