Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday, June 5th, Napoli to Ravello on the Amalfi Coast


Think of the Big Sur coastline with a Mediterranean climate. Only a slight wind, with water which is warmer and bluer than the Pacific. Now put towns along it, with houses on the hillsides, reached by curvy switchback roads. Lots of boats moored in small harbors, and being repaired high above in cliffside lots. Here and there a restaurant perched atop the a rock outcropping, providing the only avalable parking to four travelers looking desparately for a stop for lunch.

San Pietro de Positano jumped out at us, and didn't disappoint. Not as nice as view as Napenthe, but featuring many more amenities (pool, beach, 60 suites, 120 staff). Like the diners behind us, we're trying our best to figure out how we can steal enough money to enjoy a long stay there writing mystery novels ( a fantasy shared by those of our party who know how to write. Except for poetry, I don't count myself among that group).

So, a great big round of thanks to Helga Lemke, who suggested we see the Amalfi Coast. Now we know why she counted this as her favorite part of Italy. It surely is among the most stunning stretches of coastline anywhere in the world.

To see the photos taken today, go to: Amalfi Coast


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