Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16th, Paestum


We're all pretty exhausted. Italy has been great, and we are in complete awe of Sicily. But we've just completed an eight-hour drive from the slopes of Mt Etna, down to the port of Messina, across the strait by ferry, and up the long western coast and mountains (think California's Hwy 1 - only with more winding road and higher) to the town with the second to the last set of ruins we'll see in Italy.

Ken's completely wasted, Pat's almost wasted, and I'm actually going to pass on a chance to swim tonight on a beautiful beach with real waves. We're going to have one more dinner, and call it a night. I have to say, we've eaten more than we probably should for the past two weeks. Lately, we've taken to having breakfast, and a light lunch, in order to have room for dinner. For the last two days, we've just had a gellato for lunch (how tough, i know, Italian ice cream for lunch). But there's alot to eat at dinner, and we're not getting that much exercise during the day. The legs get a workout walking the ruins and museums, but the upper body suffers.

Oh well, a good excuse for garden work for Pat and golf for me. Tough life.

We'll be visiting the local ruins tomorrow morning, and then driving up to the Rome Airport. We'll turn in the rental car a day early, hang out tomorrow night in the hotel, and catch our planes early on Friday morning. You'll probably not see any posts until we're home on Friday night, possibly Saturday if we don't sleep well on the flight.

Thanks all of you for sharing our adventure with us, and we're hoping that you all get some adventures soon too. The market's back up, and hopefully we're all as rich as we were when we left. The Euro is down, and it was a great time for Americans to travel.

To see the few photos, click on: Campanile di Sicilia to Paestum

Love to all,

Gregory and Pat

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