Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday, June 19th, Home


After 27 hours of airports, economy plus, and a life-saving couple who live in Sebastopol, we're home. Our flight out of Rome was delayed, the flight into Chicago directed to do three complete 20-minute holding pattern circles over northern Michigan (while a storm passed over O'Hare), and the flight out of O'Hare to SF was held on the runway for an hour while another storm passed. We were in the process of trying to book a hotel in SF to accommodate our too-late arrival for the Santa Rosa shuttle when Pat spotted a health care colleague in the Chicago airport. Their generosity (and parked Prius) was the complete antidote to an experience which has confirmed our commitment to try to book direct flights on international trips. Our dedication to using United mileage benefits, and VISA card payment miles, has just run out. While we may not be able to avoid weather problems, we can reduce their impact on us by avoiding connection-based delays they make worse.

Later this year, we'll travel to the East Coast (South and North Carolina, the Appalachian Trail, and a visit to the Boston area) in the Airstream. Our two travels in 2011 will include a February-March trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos - with some other side trips, and a September - November trip to East and South Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Africa, and Namibia). IN the late summer, I'll be in the San Diego area for a 45th Point Loma High School Reunion.

Hope you enjoyed the time we spent together, and that you'll share with us your adventures.

Gregory and Pat

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