Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 8th, Monreale


Pat and I traveled to Capri while Ken got Di to Rome for her flight home on Monday morning. We took the ferry over on Sunday from Naples, and came back on Monday afternoon to meet Ken at the Sicily Ferry terminal.

To see the photos we took while in Capri, click first on: Sunday Capri and then on Monday Capri

We three took the overnight ferry, arrived at 7:30am, and drove to Monreale. We walked around the town square, visited the church (where a conference of Episcopal priests and four cardinals were discussing the nature of Mary), and a cloister next door.

Once we dropped of our luggage in the room, we drove to Segesta - a classic temple on the way west to our ultimate destination, Erice. We had picked both out of the Sicily guide book, as they seemed to fill perfectly th time we had remaining on MOnday after our arrival from Naples. Both were beautiful, and Ken's driving got us safely there and back. We're so glad we are staying in Monreale, and don't have to negotiate Palermo's streets. The streets of the small towns are crazy enough to drive, and we try to pick as many routes around the towns as possible. It's also much more scenic tht way.

To see the photos from today's travels, first click on Tuesday morning in Monreale and then click on Tuesday afternoon in Segesta and Erice


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