Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday, June 2nd, Napoli


The first part of this trip has taken us to familiar territory. Tuscany is hometown turf to the Crociani family. And as beautiful as the landscape, language, and food are, it lacks the lure of the unknown. The remainder of the trip spices it up a bit.

In Napoli, we encountered our first real big city driving this trip. Our Garmin GPS wasn’t much help, as it made a couple of key mistakes, and added to the tension. But we finally made it, and are endeavoring to keep the car in the hotel garage as much as we can over the next three days. By the way, that's not our car Pat's standing next to in the photos. Ours is about three times that long. We began our auto-free days by walking around the district twice today after we got settled into our rooms. Ken commented that the main pedestrian throughway felt a little like Mission Street in San Francisco. I noted that It made better photos, however, that the buildings were centuries older, and much taller.

To see the photos taken today, go to: Napoli and to view a photo video, go to: Streets of Napoli Video


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