Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday, Feb 11th, Tam Coc and Vinh


This morning, we were rowed down a river near Tam Coc, and area compared often to Halong Bay with its limestone towers.  The river passes through several caves, and is quite beautiful.  Our rowers were locals who shared the job of taking tourists for a set price, and then sought extra tips on the way back.  Entertaining as their please were, we were instructed to use our newly-schooled "No, thank you" in Vietnamese to turn them down.

The drive to Vinh in the afternoon was uneventful, except for the two motorcycle accidents we came upon.  There are no real rules on these roads other than not to hit anyone.  The motorcycles now outnumber the bikes and cars, and its everyone for themselves when big busses and trucks try to pass each other.  It must take forever for ambulances to arrive in these rural areas.

For a link to the photos for the day, click on: Friday's photos


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