Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, Feb 23rd, Exploring Cu Chi, and back to Saigon


We drove northwest to the area of the Cu Chi tunnels this morning.  I didn't choose to go down into them.  The tunnels are very narrow.  My growing butt, waistline, and aching back are reason enough to stay out.  Throw in dark, hot, and snakes, ugh.  I told Duc the story of the western perception of butt width  was the metal plate on the back of the seat in the aircraft I used to make sure were maintained in Vietnam said that it was wide enough for "one passenger or two Vietnamese".

On our return, we visited a rubber plantation, before stopping for lunch at a Pho restaurant.  Pho (pronounced "fur") is a favorite soup, and I chose the seafood version on Bec's recommendation.  It was terrific, and helped me bring back my appetite.  Later, we visited the Reunification Museum.  Pat is getting a bit overloaded with the details of Vietnamese propaganda and American trashing/gory details.  I found the particular exhibit, organized by the State of Kentucky and presented to Vietnam, on the 78 photographers and journalists works who had been killed during the American War very touching and worth seeing.  I may try to get her back to see it after the tour ends.  I can understand that it isn't easy to take in.

The afternoon contained some free time.  After a short tour of the downtown with Duc., we chose to spend it having finding an ice cream shop with Alan and Dj.  The chocolate, strawberry, lemon, mango, and coca cola drinks we had were very refreshing.

This evening, we went to a performance of a very popular waterpuppet show.  None of us could figure out how they did it, and probably knowing how would spoil the effect, but to the rhythm of a small band of Vietnamese instruments and vocals - a variety of fish, dragons, birds, and people swam through elegantly-choreographed routines to the delight of a large audience of children and their parents for dirt cheap.   We highly recommend it for any traveler.

To see the photos taken today, click on: Wednesday, Feb23rd, Saigon


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