Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, Feb 12th, Quang Binh


We stopped by Ho Chi Minh's birthplace this morning, and paid our respects.  For all of you who wish to make it more difficult for me to run for political office (where there's enough Republicans to mount a campaign against me), I've included a photo of me placing a nice bouquet of flowers on the shrine of his birthplace.  That ought to make a nice addition to my CIA dossier.

We drove down Hwy 1 along the coast of Northern Vietnam, passing thousands of those who had come home to the North for Tet to visit the family, who were now trying to catch any bus headed south to return them to Saigon and their jobs.  Black market vans, and busses returning south from the end of tours, were their only hope.  And the police were out in force collecting and pocketing fines for overloaded vehicles.

We pulled into the 4-star resort we are staying in tonight, and marveled in its luxury.  We seem to be the only ones here, in a resort designed to hold thousands, and built a few miles north of the DMZ to impress the world with how successful North Vietnam was.   It's a bit in disrepair now, but still looks fabulous.

After dinner tonight, I'm treating Pat to a birthday Complete Spa, lasting three hours.  I'm getting a pedicare, as my toenails are pretty lethal, and Pat couldn't bring the sizzors which are sharp enough to cut them on the plane.

To see the photos taken today, click on: Saturday's photos


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