Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Feb 21st, Dalat


We drove this morning first to the Presidential Palace, where Duc led us through Bao Dai’s life, his family, and his role in Vietnam’s history.  I think that there should be a movie made of the period from 1945 to 1958, focusing on the lives during that time of Bao Dai and Ho Chi Minh.  They were both fascinating personalities, and their struggles with the French Indochinese government makes for fascinating stories. 

Afterward, we drove up to the Dalat Skyway, and viewed the greenhouses and resorts below from our seats high in the hills.  Arriving near the Zen Budhist Monastery, we strolled the grounds, and marveled at the unique flowers, trees, and Budhist volunteers tending the Monastery.  Our bus driver met us, and our next stop was the lively markets in central Dalat.  Some were looking for frog and dog sellers, others (Pat) durian.  Most just spent the time tasting and taking photographs.  Pat convinced several of us to try the durian, and we found it not nearly as pungent a smell as we had imagined (perhaps genetic modification?), and just as delightful in taste.  The flavor is offered in ice cream stalls.

I did get to play nine holes of golf today at the gorgeous Dalat Palace Golf Course.  Another of our tour mates joined me, Henny, and we both had shots we’re proud of.  As usual, I pulled and sliced my way through several holes.  But I did have two pars and three bogeys, so the score wasn’t quite a disaster. 

For a look at the few photos taken today, click on: Monday, Feb21st, Dalat


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