Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, Feb 16th, Hoi An


We spent the day in the small town designed for tourists nearby, well-designed for walking under lighted lanterns hanging across the narrow streets.  Shops of all kinds displaying crafts and clothes.  This is where tourists are advised to have their shirts and pants custom made, and there seems to be plenty of that activity.    We were going to get me a shirt made, but the price was not cheaper that those I get at Costco.  And the fabric wasn't unusual.

Massages at the hotel took up the afternoon.  Mine was a foot which turned I expanded into leg, arm, back and neck.  Pat's included a facial.

We had dinner as a group at a fusion restaurant, which served one of the best duck dinners I've had.  Pat's tuna dish was also excellent, and we had a great Australian reisling/sauvignon blanc.

To see the photos from the day, and from last evening, click on: Wednesday, Feb16th, HoiAn, and Tuesday, Feb15th, HoiAn Evening



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