Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, Nov 4th, Van Buren, Arkansas


Van Buren, where's Van Buren? It's as far west of Lebanon, Tennessee as we could drive today. And Lebanon was as far west of Asheville, Tennessee... (you get the picture). After a adventurous drive through the Smokey Mountains, and a visit to the Cherokee Nation's home town (and buying a couple of pots from their excellent museum), we drove Hwy 40 for the past two days. We're headed to Amarillo where we'll make a decision based on the weather as which highway to get us back to California. We'd rather not drive through snowstorms, and are hoping to take our time on the last few days.

No photos, as I'm thinking you're all getting pretty tired of my shots of our RV sites. There will be some more when we slow down again.


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