Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, Nov 8th, Kingman, Arizona


A long 485-mile driving day has taken us to Kingman, Arizona. We decided that the weather wasn't bad enough to force us to take a more southerly route, and we're experiencing 37-46 degree days with some gusty winds. We can handle that easily, and our only snow was on a side trip to near the top of a local peak.
Of course, New Mexico and Arizona elevations in general are in the 5-7,000 foot level, so there's bound to be some potential for cold and snow, especially this time of the year. I forget that those states are so much higher than California. Since we were car-bound all day, the only photos in the collection are of the landscape and some Airstreams we found in the RV Resort.
We did encounter an interesting couple who were curious about Airstreams. One of the photos (I'll include it in this post) shows their ride, and it's just a bit too small for their needs. Constance came over and knocked on our door, asking to see the inside of ours. Restraining our eagerness to gush over about how great it is, I gave her a tour while Pat was using the resort facilities to shower (why not use their hot water?). She and her husband, Mark, are from the San Juan Islands (one of our favorite places), and share other interests of ours. We encouraged her to check into both this blog, and Coastwalk, and we hope our paths cross again soon.

Tomorrow, we'll head toward a two-day stay in Desert Hot Springs, where there's a resort with a nine-hole golf course.

Here is a link to the photos taken on the way to Kingman, and in the morning before we left On the road to Kingman and Trailers around us in Kingman.


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