Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, Nov 9th, Desert Hot Springs, California


A relatively short drive (400 miles) was made more difficult by several stops to watch workers repair potholes. It appears that some of the federal shovel-ready stimulus program monies found their way to Arizona and California, as a couple of sections of our pathway were being worked upon today. I did get a few photos of the teamwork required to fix a pothole on a federal highway. It's easy to rag on Arizona, but since their voters recalled one of the leaders in their State Senate in the anti-immigrant movement today, we should give them a break. We bought some gas near the border today, when we probably could have waited until we got to California. Hope they use my gas taxes to train highway patrol staff to back off on requiring identification of "suspected hispanics".

Arriving at 3pm, we unhooked the trailer, checked out the laundry for use tomorrow, and scheduled a tee time in the morning. Then we drove into town, bought some groceries, saw a movie for $2 (The Big Year), and found a great little Mexican restaurant for dinner. We're thinking of heading to Santa Barbara on Friday.

Again, not many photos. But we're having fun slowing the pace Desert Hot Springs, California.


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