Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, Nov 13th, Costanoa, South San Mateo coast, California


The San Mateo coast seems to rival those in Sonoma and Mendocino. Today, we got to see what it presents to the Kayak surfing crowd here. With Santa Cruz so close by (they invented kayak surfing), it is no surprise that the contestants at a locally-sponsored, surf kayak contest were top notch participants.

After stopping at the Bakery in Davenport, we just happened upon the final day at a prime spot just north of Davenport where the contest was being held. Ever since Pat and I took a five-day sea kayak training up in Vancouver, I've toyed with the idea of seeing if it can help keep me in the water and getting the exercise I think I need. Today has again stimulated my interest. But then again, there's always kite surfing too. Both sports help me avoid the basic problem that my body (and stomach) just can't paddle in either a prone position (or on my knees) to make surfing a real possibility. Kayaks and kite surfing depend less on the muscles I've turned into fat, and more on arm and upper back muscles (still strong).

Here's a link to the photos we took today: San Mateo Coastal Adventures

Tomorrow, we're driving home. It's been a wonderful trip, has proven once again how strong our love is for each other, and has given us another set of amazing memories to try to remember years from now. Hopefully, these photos will give us some clues. Hope you all (or as they say where we've just been "y'all") have enjoyed them too.


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